Turnaround Times

HOW LONG AFTER MY SESSION WILL I RECEIVE MY ONLINE PROOFING OR EVENT GALLERY? Proofing galleries have a 7 day turnaround unless otherwise noted in our agreement. 

WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY EDITED IMAGES? You will receive your retouched images 10 days following the date you provided us with your top choices. We try our best to deliver edits before the 10 day window but please keep in mind that your order(s) are amongst previous orders. 

CAN I RECEIVE MY IMAGES FASTER? Yes! For those in a hurry, we offer an expedite service with a faster turnaround in as little as 2  business days. Please click this to rush your order

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Photoshoot Ideas

Please note that we book multiple photo sessions weekly and have to create different ideas and concepts for each individual session. 

  • Please provide your concepts, vision and ideas to me before your session. The more you put into your session the better. 

  • Please bring props and any relatable items to make your session a success. We are not responsible for most props related to your concept and ideas.

  • After booking feel free to submit a photo(s) via text to show me your vision. (601)530.0463

Our Location: 1231 Morson Road Jackson, Ms

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